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Slingshot Product Development Group and Proctor and Gamble

Envi: Heating Innovation

Envi approached Slingshot Product Development Group to help create a heating system. The focus was to alleviate customer worries and burdens that typically occur with traditional heaters.



envi heater2.jpg

Know the Customer

Some of the challenges Slingshot found users confronting was the influence of dust and allergenics, safety concerns of hot surfaces, disruptive noises, and economical burden. These painpoints focused the design to concentrate of relieving these stresses and worries. The Slingshot team has found that the painpoints help focus a design direction towards products that succeed in market.

close up envi.jpg

Simple, Safe and Economical

Using stacked convention, the Slingshot Team revolved the design to assist and alleviate burdens. We helped create a simple to use and install method and intuitive controls. The final product is economical, simpler, and cohesive to the environment.

Slingshot Product Development Group and Proctor and Gamble

BARD: Creating Comfort for Patients

CR BARD approached Slingshot Product Development Group to develop a new Stool Management System. The focus was to create a safer and cleaner system.


dignicare bard.jpg

Improving Patient and Caregiver experience

Throughout the design process, we decided to focus on both the patient and the caregiver to create a design that facilitates and eases the experience for both.

DigniCare slingshot design

Safe and Clean

One of the main pain points in the design was the exposure of caregivers to bodily fluids. To compact this, Slingshot designed a simple, self sealing system for both the bag and the tube. This created an easier to use system that is efficient and reliable. 

Dignicare Bard Slingshot design
Dignicare SMS slingshot product development group
dignicare bard.jpg
Slingshot Product Development Group and Proctor and Gamble

Gamescope: Tactical Gaming Sight

Gamescope approached Slingshot Product Development Group to design sniper optics for the first-person shooter video games.



Focused on User Experience

As the Slingshot team researched the First-Person Shooters gaming industry, we found that customers want something easy to use that while increasing their quality of shots on the virtual battlefield.


No Footprint. Effectiveness. Improved Shot Quality.

Through material testing, Slingshot Team found materials that allow the Gamescope to be used without leaving a residual footprint on expensive monitors and TVs. To increase accuracy, the capabilities of reflex sights were incorporated into the final optical design


Kamado Joe: Enhance the Experience






Learn and Evolve

With the Kamando Joe Charcoal Grill, the Slingshot Team looked for areas of improvement. What works and what doesn’t work? What can be done better? How is a user engaging with this device? These questions focused the design and helped solve complex engineering problem by understand the goal. To enhance the user experience and performance of the grill.

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 8.05.30 PM.png

Pro Grill makes a Pro Griller

Slingshot developed on the concept of creating a grill that helps the cooker feel and become a pro griller. With the Pro Joe, we enhanced the control features (easier to read and understand), designed a two-tier cooking area increased usability, engineered a three-component system (ceramic core wrapped with a ceramic fiber housing enclosed with 304 stainless steel) for increased heat retention, created a lid that is effortless to lift (mechanical advantage) and housed everything in a clean steel shell. This way you know that this person is a pro cooker

kamando joe with background color.jpg
Slingshot Product Development Group and Proctor and Gamble

IDI: Dental Innovation

IDI approached Slingshot Product Development Group to design a new dental x-ray positioning system. The focus was to create a system that reduces radiation, produces cleaner images, and creates a comfortable user experience.




Locating Flaws to Design Great Solutions

The core challenge the Slingshot team struggled to solve was improving images while reducing radiation. Through ideation and testing, we found that by optimizing the housing and improving the x-ray filter, we resulted with a cleaner image as well as a simple clean aesthetic.


Reduced Radiation. Improved Image.

Working with IDI, Slingshot designed the solution to be lighter, more compact, easier to install, easier to use, and more comforting to patients during use.

Slingshot Product Development Group and Proctor and Gamble

Irresept: Preventing Infection

Irresept, as a young company, approached slingshot with the goal to make people lives better by preventing harm. Slingshot also helped Irrimax establish themselves in the medical industry.




Exploring solutions

Having a diverse background is necessary to creating innovation. In this case, Irrimax needed to introduce a chemical, Chlorhexadine, to reduce risk of MRSA infection. These things are hard to understand if you don’t have a team with the right knowledge.


Clean. Simple. Cost Saving.

Through iteration, the final product named Irrisept was designed to reduce infection while saving hospitals money and speeding up the irrigation process.

Irrimax_squeez 1.png
Slingshot Product Development Group and Proctor and Gamble

Tide: Finding the Unknown

Slingshot, along with Onecare, was tasked by Proctor and Gamble to create innovative new products for their Tide brand.


Innovating Laundry Care

Slingshot worked with Proctor and Gamble innovate in the laundry industry focusing on solutions for customer pain points.

Concept Designs.png

Asking "What If?"

With Proctor and Gamble, Slingshot helped focus the design direction by concentrating on the user pain points to conceptualize diverse innovative ideas. This created multiple solutions that enchanced the customer's journey of laundry care.

Slingshot Product Development Group and Proctor and Gamble

CTS: Safe Immersive Training

CTS approached Slingshot Product Development Group to create an immersive non-lethal test grenade. The focus was to simulate the explosion, flash, and sound of real grenades without disastrous physical impact that it creates.




Chemistry Meets Hardware

The biggest challenge in this project was to cohesively create an experience that can help people train towards these extreme cases while keeping them safe. To solve this, Slingshot used technology to produce sound and developed a chemical solution to simulate visual effects.


Immersive Training Experience

Our wish is that this product will help military or police personnel stay safe under during training. The final product was a fully functional test grenade that produces a realistic experience.

Slingshot Product Development Group and Proctor and Gamble

Craftsman: Modularity and Functionality

Craftsman challenged Slingshot to design the one for all garden tool set.


slingshot concept design for craftsman tool

challenge the market

Slingshot underwent a massive effort ideating to find the sweetspot between ergonoics and balance.

slingshot craftsman product engineering and development

Idea to Product

Slingshot was able to take the Modular Garden tool line from idea to visual and ergonomic development, to engineering and validation, and finally to production prototyping. We made sure everything worked the way it is supposed to to deliver an enjoyable experience for the end user.

hedge trimmer_internals.51.jpg
craftsman in use.jpg
Slingshot Product Development Group and Proctor and Gamble

Masterack: Transforming the Cargo Van Space

Slingshot was approached by Masterack to innovate the cargo van space.


versatile and modular

Slingshot found that users need a lightweight, easy to install, versatile, and modular system to adapt to different cars, tools, and user habits.  

masterack smart space designed by slingshot product development group

User Friendly & Intuitive 

The Masterack Smartspace design has helped Masterack reestablish themselves as an innovation lead company and leaders in their industry.

idea award slingshot product development group

Masterack SmartSpace is a storage and organization solution intended for commercial van and pick-up truck equipment users. Made from structural foam and aluminum, these lightweight materials reduce weight and noise while this system still holds as much weight as comparable steel systems.

Slingshot Product Development Group and Proctor and Gamble

Dributts: Helping save lives


"Infants and toddlers in underdeveloped villages in Haiti don't have diapers, so they poop openly in the house. The fecal matter contaminates everything in the living space which leads to the rampant spread of diseases like dysentery, cholera, typhus fever and typhoid." - Micheal Wahl, Dributts-Founder and CEO



Slingshot - Pic - DriButts - Children LO RES.jpg

Slingshot Mentality: Help those in need

Slingshot is a company that seeks to improve lives through our design services. When approached by Dributts, we felt the passion to help Dributts save lives in Haiti. 


Half Cost &

Improved Design

the Challenge Dributts faced was cost efficiency and speed. By redefining the product's manufacturing and design, Slingshot has helped Dributts half their cost and enhance their design. Dributts was able to quickly deliver 600 new diapers to Haiti. We hope to help Dributtts deliver 1000s of diapers to assist those in need!

dributts3 copy.jpg
Slingshot has stepped up and taken this task on as a partnership, not as a project. They’ve surpassed our expectations and given us a way to help solve the fecal infant problem in Haiti. This will advance the health efforts not only in Haitit, but in other developing countries in the world that we’d like to assist.
— Michael Wahl