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An Intense Battlefield Reality Training Tool

Training Hand Grenade



Combat Training Solutions (CTS)


Develop a hand grenade of appropriate weight, size, and explosive characteristics to enable the training of new recruits without injury or death.


CTS approached Slingshot to create an immersive, non-lethal test grenade. The focus was to simulate the explosion, flash, sound and smoke plume of a real grenade without the disastrous physical impact. Additionally, CTS required the ability to integrate into a live fire training environment with MILES technology for quantitative collection of battlefield simulated injury and mortality statistics.


  • The final product was a fully functional, multiple-use test grenade that produced a realistic battlefield experience


Created an explosive simulation product that combines unmatched realism with the safety of traditional non-pyrotechnic explosive devices.

Developed a test grenade reusable up to 50 times.

Maintained the size and weight of a M67 Hand Grenade.

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