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To create the “concept car” equivalent for beverage cooler and vending machines


Coca-Cola approached Slingshot to create an environmentally preferable concept cooler and vendor for an important upcoming trade show.


  • Designed an evolutionary aesthetic design

  • Created an immersive interactive user experience

  • Represented the use of hydrogen powered fuel cells as a future energy source

  • Designed and incorporated a novel vending mechanism for vertical bottle presentation to the customer

  • Designed a lithium ion battery system into a complex electrical system

  • Achieved the trade show deadline



Overcoming the challenge of simulating a hydrogen fuel cell system with a lithium ion battery.

Safely locating the lithium ion battery system within the design of the beverage cooler and vending unit.

Fine-tuning the LED and sound system to create an immersive experience.

Sourcing and managing multiple vendors to create two custom-designed products.

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