Product Development and Design Firm


A+ Corporation

Unmet need

Client wanted to provide customers with a private label option for their Humidisorb products.


A+ Corporation had a problem. They had a growing number of potential new customers who wanted a private label option, but their existing manufacturing process made this impossible to offer in low quantities. Slingshot helped them find a solution to creating custom SKUs while improving the throughput and efficiency of their existing products.


  • Built equipment and material specification for future private label product growth

  • Slingshot trialed and sourced a fully automated product conversion machine, which the Client later purchased and installed in their facility

  • Slingshot created new and exciting concepts for future products utilizing the Client’s technology

  • There was no additional cost to product


Identified a replacement material capable of being digitally printed and heat sealed. This material also provided the same moisture vapor permeability and shelf life as their existing product.

Created a manufacturing process that enabled the production of both low and high order quantities.

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